Our Story

Ray Wetterlund III, CSCS, MLSN
Elite trainer, master’s license
in sports nutrition, and transforming specialist.

Chris Jacob
Scientist, and formulator of multiple
bestselling nutritional products.

We Created the First and Only Complete Meal Replacement Shake Made with All Natural Ingredients!

If you’ve been looking for a delicious complete meal replacement shake without all of the unnecessary additives, you’re not alone. The truth is that Ray Wetterlund III, CSCS, & MLSN, and Chris Jacob, scientist, and formulator of multiple best-selling nutrition products, created INVIGOR8 because they were disappointed with the artificial-filled shakes they saw on market shelves.

“When you look at the labels, it’s easy to see why other shakes fall short.They cut costs everywhere, filling “nutritious” beverages with cheap protein, tons of artificial ingredients, harmful synthetic dyes, additives, sugars, preservatives, and hormones. Not to mention the fact that the shakes are foul tasting, clumpy, and usually leave you hungry for food far sooner than if you had the time to indulge in a balanced meal.”

“If you’re like us, concerned about your health, longevity, well-being, and happiness, then you know it just doesn’t make sense to invest in working out, and keeping your body in shape on the outside, only to choke down unhealthy (and overpriced) shakes afterward.

That’s why INVIGOR8’s revolutionary formula was developed to allow our families, our clients, and people like you to experience whole-body health, without sacrificing taste. We hand selected all-natural ingredients of unsurpassed quality from the best suppliers in the U.S.

After years of reviewing countless human clinical studies that support the use of the ingredients we infused into INVIGOR8; and months spent ensuring that it allowed you to indulge in a delicious shake while accelerating how quickly you reach your performance and weight management goals — we brought INVIGOR8 to the world.”

– Ray & Chris, Creators of INVIGOR8

Now we invite you to discover The INVIGOR8 Difference for yourself.

So you can experience more support in creating the well-being you’re already working so hard to achieve.