couple making INVIGOR8 smoothie

Looking for a great way to stay healthy and vital, and to keep excess weight off? The best thing that you can do is drink nutritional shakes on a regular basis.

The INVIGOR8 Difference

Our shakes provide:

  • amino acids and protein.
  • grass-fed whey protein – no antibiotics, no hormones, and a superior nutrient profile.
  • all essential fatty acids with flaxseed, chia seed and fat-burning coconut oil.
  • colostrum to boost your immune system.
  • plant-based fiber to keep you satisfied for hours.
  • full-spectrum digestive enzymes for maximum nutrient absorption.
  • dairy-free prebiotics/probiotics for optimal digestive health.
  • low glycemic, calorie-free natural sweeteners to eliminate sugar spikes.
  • raw green vegetables to boost body health and vitality.

All Natural Nutritional Shake and Green Superfood

INVIGOR8 is the best all-natural nutritional shake and green superfood on the market. This shake is so spectacular because not only does it fill the body up fast without unnecessary fat and calories, but it also packs a tremendous amount of nutrition into just one serving.

Mix and Go Convenience

If you have not been consuming nutritional shakes on a consistent basis, then you are definitely missing out. INVIGOR8 smoothies provide an immense amount of nutrition in a quick and easy form. So, even if your lifestyle is hectic and you are very busy, you will always be able to make time to drink an INVIGOR8 shake. Just mix and go…

Add Fruit for a Yummy Shake

Adding your favorite fruit is a great way to create a luscious smoothie with additional health benefits. INVIGOR8 smoothies can be further customized by adding almond milk for a creamy twist, organic milk or water. See our Smoothie Recipes pages for dozens of ideas on ingredients you can add to create your own INVIGOR8 Power Shake!