7 Healthy Snacks For People on the Go

healthy snacks

If you’re a busy person on the go, trying to eat healthy can be a challenge. If you’re at work rushing from meeting to meeting or at school going from class to class, you might not always have the time to choose a healthy food option. Having ready-made healthy snacks or a nutritious meal replacement on hand will help you to resist bad choices and provide you with energy to throughout the day.

Healthy Snacks For People on the Go

Peanut Butter

Small squeeze packs of nut butter provide 8 grams of protein per 1.15 ounce pack. Peanut butter also contains potassium, which can help reduce the risk of high blood pressure. Try spreading peanut butter onto a banana to get the benefits of both antioxidants and fiber.

Hard-Boiled Eggs

Hardboiled eggs are a good source of protein and also contain vitamin D. If you peel them before you take them on your way they can be conveniently eaten on your commute. They are also a convenient way to add more protein to a salad.

Cottage Cheese

A 5 ounce serving contains 20 grams of protein and calcium, which is beneficial for bone strength. Cottage cheese also contains all essential amino acids that your body needs to get from food sources. Try cottage cheese as an alternative to greek yogurt.

 Oatmeal Packs

Carrying single-serve oatmeal packs or cups is a very convenient way to get a nutritious snack in throughout the day. Simply add hot water and you will have a protein- and fiber-filled snack, keeping you satisfied and staving off any cravings.

Roasted Chickpeas

Chickpeas are a great source of protein and fiber — not to mention they also help lower LDL cholesterol levels, according to a study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal.

Small Pack of Almonds

Almonds are a good source of vitamins E and B2. They also contain protein and healthy monounsaturated fat. Buy portion control packs so you can snack on these healthy nuts without letting the calorie count get out of control.

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If you find that you are constantly making unhealthy snack choices while on the go, then try working some of these healthy snacks into your daily diet.