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If you’re like us concerned about your health, longevity, well being and happiness, then you know it just doesn’t make sense to invest in working out, and keeping your body in shape on the outside only to choke down an unhealthy (and overpriced) shake afterward.

When you look at the contents of the meal replacement shakes in your store, it’s easy to see why they fall short. They cut costs everywhere, filling ‘nutritious’ beverages with cheap protein, tons of artificial ingredients, harmful synthetic dyes, additives, sugars, preservatives, and hormones.

Not to mention the fact that many shakes are foul tasting, clumpy, and usually leave you craving food far sooner than if you had the time to indulge in a balanced meal.Leveraging our joint-expertise in the fields of nutrition, bio-medicine, performance, and fitness, we amassed endless mounds of research—leaving no stone unturned until we crafted the perfect harmonious formulation of science and nature with strictly sourced ingredients designed to help you accelerate toward your goals. So you get all of the essentials  you need in ONE 100% pure meal replacement shake you’ll crave.
Invigor8 Happiness

Want to know the trick to staying healthy in our stress-filled, fast-paced world?

In just 30 seconds you can stir-up a nutrient-dense, super-food powerhouse that allows you to get the vital nutrients you’re missing with Invigor8™ eight Complexes.

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Invigor8 Happiness

Get Toned and Lean with INVIGOR8™ Meal Replacement Shake

Exercise alone just isn’t enough. You’ll love Invigor8’s 30-second complete shake, because it’s packed with the nutrition you need to sculpt those lean, fat-burning muscles.

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